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Australia Inquiry / Russia Spells Out Advantages Of SMR Technology

By David Dalton
25 October 2019

Rosatom says land-based and floating small reactors would bring lower prices for consumers
Russia Spells Out Advantages Of SMR Technology
Rosatom said its floating nuclear plant technology would be ideal for rural areas of Australia. Photo courtesy Rosatom.
Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom has told an inquiry into the possibility of using nuclear energy in Australia that it can offer “a complete small modular reactor solution” including offshore plants for remote areas.Rosatom said Generation III+ SMRs in the range of 6.6 MW to 114 MW are “the only solution to cover all current market demands”. They are ideal for remote areas, undeveloped power grids and offer uninterrupted baseload generation with no CO2 emissions.The company said SMRs would result in lower energy prices for consumers. At about 29 US cents per kWh Australia’s energy prices are among the world’s highest and increased 56% from 2007 to 2018.

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