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Sweden’s OKG Permanently Retires Oskarshamn-1 Ten Days Ahead Of Schedule

By Kamen Kraev
21 June 2017

Sweden’s OKG Permanently Retires Oskarshamn-1 Ten Days Ahead Of Schedule

21 Jun (NucNet): Sweden's 473-MW Oskarshamn-1 nuclear reactor unit was shut down permanently on 17 June 2017 after 45 years of commercial operation, owner and operator OKG said. Oskarshamn-1, a boiling water reactor that started commercial operation in February 1972, is Sweden’s oldest commercial power reactor. In October 2015, a majority of OKG's shareholders voted to close Oskarshamn-1 between 2017 and 2019, before the end of its technical lifetime, because it was not profitable. In a statement, OKG said the final shutdown of Oskarshamn-1 was officially scheduled for 29 June 2017, but an “operational disturbance” caused the unit to shut down automatically on 17 June 2017. Therefore, OKG decided at an extraordinary meeting on 19 June not to restart the unit, with only ten days left until the final shutdown date. OKG said Oskarshamn-1 produced about 110 billion kWh throughout its operational lifetime. OKG said it expects to complete spent nuclear fuel removal by the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019. There are three boiling water reactors at Oskarshamn, in southern Sweden. OKG has also decided to shut the 638-MW Oskarshamn-2 ahead of schedule, also due to financial reasons. However, the shutdown schedule has not been confirmed yet. Oskarshamn-3, the largest unit, began commercial operation in 1985 and is scheduled to continue operation until 2045. OKG previously said it will not be affected by the early closures of the other two units. OKG is majority owned by Uniper Sweden, formerly E.On Sweden, and Fortum. Sweden’s 10 reactors in commercial operation produced 40% of the country’s electricity in 2016.

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