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China / Taishan-2 EPR Connected To Grid, Says Framatome

By Kamen Kraev
1 July 2019

Taishan-2 EPR Connected To Grid, Says Framatome
The Taishan NPP. Photo courtesy CGN.
The second EPR unit at the two-unit Taishan nuclear power station in China has been connected to the national grid, according to a twitter announcement by French equipment supplier Framatome.

Taishan-2’s connection to the grid is “a recognition of our technological expertise in the commissioning of EPR reactors”, Framatome said and added:”Taishan-2 will soon be providing electricity for hundreds of thousands of Chinese homes. Congratulations and thanks to all of you!”
China’s CGN has not yet confirmed the information officially.

Taishan nuclear power station, in Guangdong province, southern China, is a joint Chinese -French infrastructure project. CGN Group has a 70% share in the project and France’s state-controlled EDF Group 30%.

Taishan-1 was connected to the on 29 June 2018, after a successful first criticality on 6 June 2018. Commercial operation began on 13 December 2018.

Taishan-2 achieved first criticality on 28 May 2019, according to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Construction of Taishan-1 began in November 2009 and of Taishan-2 in April 2010.

The two units are the third and fourth EPR units under construction globally. The first two are Olkiluoto-3 in Finland and Flamanville-3 in France. Initial construction began at a fifth and sixth EPR at Hinkley Point C in England in 2017.

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