Nuclear Workforce / Thor Executive Offers ‘Extensive Pool Of Global Talent’

By David Dalton
15 February 2023

New company formed by rebranding of KeySource Global

Thor Executive Offers ‘Extensive Pool Of Global Talent’
The nuclear industry will need to double the size of its current workforce.

KeySource Global, a US based executive search and leadership consultancy focused on the nuclear industry, has been rebranded to Thor Executive, bringing organisations across North America greater access to an extensive pool of global talent with specialised experience.

Thomas Thor, the leading global recruitment company for nuclear and the energy transition, acquired KeySource Global in 2016. This announcement brings Thomas Thor’s global executive search and leadership consultancy services under a unified global brand.

Craig Piercy, chief executive officer of American Nuclear Society, said the nuclear industry is poised for significant growth in the next decade, both in the US and around the world. “But to realise that growth, we will need to double the size of our current nuclear workforce,” he said. “The launch of Thor Executive is welcome news, as talent recruitment will be an indispensable part of that endeavour.”

Callum Thomas, chief executive officer of Thomas Thor, said establishing Thor Executive is an important milestone. “We are trusted to identify and secure exceptional talent for some of the most important projects happening across nuclear – from decommissioning to new build, to advanced technologies and medical isotopes,” he said.

“And in recent times our expertise has been sought by organisations in renewable energy and those seeking to address net zero more broadly.”

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