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Microreactors / US Defence Department Awards Contracts Worth $39 Million

By David Dalton
10 March 2020

Units could also be used for civilian applications like disaster response work 
US Defence Department Awards Contracts Worth $39 Million
The Pentagon wants mobile rectors for US armed forces.
The US Department of Defence on Monday issued three contracts for companies to start design work on mobile, small nuclear reactors, as part of a plan towards achieving nuclear power for US forces at home and abroad.The DOD awarded contracts to Westinghouse Government Services of Washington for $11.9m; BWX Technologies of Virginia for $13.5m; and X-energy of Maryland for $14.3m, to begin a two-year engineering design competition for a nuclear microreactor designed to potentially be deployed with forces.The combined $39.7m in contracts are from Project Pele, a project to develop a prototype microreactor in the 1-5 MW power range. The Department of Energy has been supporting the project at its Idaho National Laboratory.

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