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Australia Inquiry / US Firm Proposes ‘Floating’ Molten Salt Fission Reactor

By David Dalton
6 September 2019

US Firm Proposes ‘Floating’ Molten Salt Fission Reactor
Angus Taylor called the inquiry into nuclear. Photo courtesy Govt of Australia.
A US company developing a molten salt fission reactor plant that is towed to a shallow water site and anchored to the seabed has suggested it could be used in Australia.ThorCon, based in Washington state, said its 500-MW plant is unlike all current nuclear reactor types in that its fuel is in liquid form. The fuel can be moved around with a pump and passively drained. In a submission to a government inquiry into nuclear energy in Australia ThorCon said if the reactor overheats for whatever reason, it will shut itself down, and passively handle the decay heat.

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