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China And Russia / US Needs To Face Up To Nuclear Industry Challenge, Says Report

By David Dalton
24 May 2019

US Needs To Face Up To Nuclear Industry Challenge, Says Report
23 May (NucNet): A high-level government-private partnership is needed to respond to the challenge of Russian and Chinese investment in nuclear power and to help the US maintain a technological edge, a report by policy organisation the Atlantic Council Global Energy Centre has said.

“The United States needs to build a new domestic nuclear base from which to pursue the promising future global market,” the report said. “US national and economic security depends on it.”

The report said the US stands at a critical junction in its approach to civilian nuclear power.

“Will the domestic nuclear industry be allowed to decline, or will the United States take up the challenge of developing a new generation of nuclear reactors that can restore its historical international leadership and serve to solve pressing global economic and environmental problems?”, the report said.

Russia and China today are building more than 60% of new nuclear plants under construction worldwide, while the US is “plagued by continuing difficulties in building new plants”.

The US civilian nuclear power industry is “a strategic asset of vital importance to US national security”. Civilian nuclear reactors currently provide just under 20% of the nation’s electricity supply and the majority of electricity from non-carbon fuel sources.

According to the report, nuclear energy represents a source of export earnings from fuel, equipment, and technical services for nuclear power plants around the world.

Nuclear exports fortify US efforts to maintain international standards that ensure safe operation of nuclear power plants and leadership of global non-proliferation through trade relationships that enable US influence in key foreign policy areas.

The report is online:

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