US Turkey Point Units Shut Down Safely During Grid Disturbance

By David Dalton
27 February 2008

27 Feb (NucNet): The two-unit Turkey Point nuclear power plant in south Florida shut down safely yesterday following a disturbance in offsite power that led to an electricity outage throughout much of the state.

The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said units 3 and 4 automatically shut down after an equipment malfunction in an electricity sub-station near Miami caused an undervoltage in two power distribution lines between Miami and Daytona.

The NRC confirmed that the units performed as designed by automatically shutting down as a safety measure to protect plant equipment from abnormal power line voltages. Emergency diesel generators were not necessary.

Both units are likely to be shut down for 12 to 24 hours as part of a regular re-start protocol, with offsite power sources remaining available, the NRC said.

NRC inspectors remain on site at the plant and the agency is monitoring the situation from its regional office in Atlanta and from NRC headquarters in Maryland.

The executive vice-president of the US Nuclear Energy Institute, Marvin Fertel, said Turkey Point was among several power plants, including fossil-fired plants, which shut down as a result of the grid disturbance.

– Compiled by John Shepherd

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