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Poland / $30 Billion Needed From Investors For New Nuclear, Says Minister

By David Dalton
5 August 2019

$30 Billion Needed From Investors For New Nuclear, Says Minister
Poland flag courtesy Lukas Plewnia.
Poland will probably need around $30bn by 2040 from foreign investors to build its first nuclear power station, energy minister Krzysztof Tchorzewski said, according to local press reports.

“Investors are needed for around $30bn, but this money would be provided over 20 years”, Mr Tchorzewski told reporters, adding the whole investment was estimated at around $60bn.

Poland launched a national nuclear power programme in 2014 which included the construction of up to 6 GW of capacity by 2035, but the government has been delaying a final decision on the programme since taking over in 2015.

A draft energy strategy called for construction of Poland’s first nuclear unit by 2033 and another five or six by 2043.

Government sources have said Poland will be aiming at a possible 6% nuclear share in the early to mid-2030s and a 15-20% nuclear share by 2050, although this would depend on a final decision about the nuclear programme and its financing.

Poland is reluctant to finance the construction of nuclear power stations with debt. Instead, it wants a model based on capital.

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