Waste Management

Russia / Work Begins On Pilot Waste Recycling Project At Chepetsky

By David Dalton
16 August 2019

Work Begins On Pilot Waste Recycling Project At Chepetsky
The Chepetsky nuclear facility in Russia. Photo courtesy Rosatom.
Russia has begun pilot work recycling waste which has been stored at the Chepetsky Mechanical Plant in Glazov, western Russia, since its years of producing uranium tetrafluoride.

Nuclear fuel company Tvel, which operates the Chepetsky plant, said it is the first project of its kind in Russia.

Production of uranium tetrafluoride – the first stage of uranium conversion – was stopped at Chepetsky in 2016 when uranium tetrafluoride facilities were concentrated at a single site at the Siberian Chemical Combine in Seversk, central Russia.

Established in 1946, Chepetsky produced uranium metal, depleted uranium, metallic calcium, and zirconium alloys for the various military and civilian applications.

Tvel said that today Chepetsky manufactures “construction materials for nuclear fuel assemblies”.

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