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Russia / Work To Start On Scheduled Maintenance At Kola Units

By Mattia Baldoni
3 March 2020

 Work To Start On Scheduled Maintenance At Kola Units
The Kola nuclear power station in northernn Russia. Photo courtesy Rosenergoatom.
Russian state nuclear operator Rosenergoatom will this spring begin 246 days of scheduled maintenance at the four-unit Kola nuclear power station in northern Russia.

The company said work at Unit 1 is planned to begin in March. It will include updating the plant’s electrical equipment including the turbogenerator system.

During the summer, the second stage of maintenance is planned with work at Units 3 and 4. This will involve the simultaneous shutting down of both units for the first time.

Kola nuclear station, owned and operated by Rosenergoatom, has four 411-MW VVER pressurised water reactors.

Units 1 and 2, of the older V-230 model, began commercial operation in the mid-1970s and Units 3 and 4, of the newer V-213 model, in the mid-1980s.

Kola-1 and Kola-2 have both been granted lifetime operating extensions.

In July 2018 Kola-1 was given a second extension to operate for an additional 15 years until 2033. It was the first nuclear plant in Russia to receive a second operating extension.

Kola-2 can operate for 15 additional years until 2034 after being given a second 15-year life extension last year.

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