Corporate / Bilfinger And Cyclife To Cooperate In Decommissioning Projects Across Europe

By Kamen Kraev
8 December 2021

Bilfinger And Cyclife To Cooperate In Decommissioning Projects Across Europe
Decommissioning of the Mühlheim-Kärlich nuclear power plant in Germany, led by Bilfinger. Image courtesy Bilfinger / RWE.
Germany-based industrial services firm Bilfinger has signed an agreement with EDF subsidiary Cyclife to cooperate in the decommissioning of nuclear power plants, a statement by the German company said.

Bilfinger said the agreement will set the groundwork for long-term cooperation on decommissioning services in various European countries, including Germany, the UK, France, and Switzerland.

The company said initial cooperation between Bilfinger and Cyclife will focus on the dismantling of concrete containments at nuclear power plants around Europe, expecting to have more than 20 tenders for such projects in Germany and Sweden alone.

“In the years ahead, a significant number of nuclear power plants throughout Europe will be decommissioned”, said Christina Johansson, acting chief executive for Bilfinger.

Bilfinger and Cyclife intend to jointly enter tenders across Europe, cooperating in the planning and execution of the decommissioning of primary circuits, auxiliary systems, and major components such as steam generators in the future.

Bilfinger operates primarily in Europe, North America and the Middle East in a wide array of industries including chemicals, petrochemicals, energy, metallurgy and cement.

Cyclife focuses on radioactive waste management and has operations in France, the UK, and Sweden.

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