Fortum / Company Signs Agreement On Oskarshamn And Barsebäck Dismantling

By David Dalton
11 June 2020

Company Signs Agreement On Oskarshamn And Barsebäck Dismantling
The Oskarsham nuclear power station in Sweden, where two units have been shut down for decommissioning. Photo courtesyy Uniper.
Finland-based energy company Fortum and Uniper Sweden have signed an agreement on a dismantling project at the Oskarshamn and Barsebäck nuclear power stations in Sweden.

Fortum said it had been awarded the agreement in a competitive bidding process, but did not give a value.

Uniper is performing large-scale decommissioning of four nuclear units as part of one common programme. The dismantling project includes dismantling of the turbine auxiliary systems, feed water systems and moisture separator reheaters.

The work will be carried out at four units: Oskarshamn-1 and -2, and Barsebäck-1 and -2. The duration of the agreement is about one year and the work is scheduled to be completed in the summer of 2021.

Nuclear decommissioning is a growing business and Fortum has now been awarded contracts both in Sweden and Finland.

Uniper is the majority owner of Oskarshamn and a minority owner of the Ringhals and Forsmark. Oskarsham has three units, two of which have been permanently shut down.

Uniper also owns the two-unit Barsebäck, Sweden’s first commercial nuclear station, which has been decommissioned and is being dismantled.

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