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Iter / Core Of Second Superconducting Magnet Completed In Italy

By David Dalton
9 June 2020

Core Of Second Superconducting Magnet Completed In Italy
The core of the superconducting magnet was manufactured at ASG in Italy. Photo courtesy ASG.
The core of another superconducting magnet has been completed in Italy for the International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (Iter) under construction at Cadarache in southern France.

The massive component was constructed at the ASG Superconductors factory in La Spezia, northern Italy. It will now be delivered to the port of Marghera, near Venice, for shipment to France.

ASG said transport will be “conducted in line with new protocols” introduced because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Last month the first superconducting magnet from ASG arrived at the Iter site. That magnet was the first of the 10 – nine plus one spare – to be made in Europe.

ASG said at least 40 companies and more than 700 people are involved in the production of the 10 magnets, known as toroidal field coils. Iter will use 18 coils to confine burning plasma which will reach 150C.

Iter – meaning “the way” in Latin – will be the world’s largest fusion experiment. Fusion is the fundamental energy of the universe, perpetually powering the sun and stars.

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