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US / DOE Announces $12 Million For Research On Nuclear Data

By David Dalton
8 December 2020

DOE Announces $12 Million For Research On Nuclear Data
The US Department of Energy has announced a plan to provide funding of up to $12m for new research on nuclear data.

The DOE said the aim is to expand and improve the quality of data needed for a wide range of nuclear-related activities from basic research in nuclear science to isotope production and nuclear nonproliferation efforts.

Topics to be considered include artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to improve the curation of nuclear data; high-impact experiments with potential applications to basic nuclear science, nuclear energy, and nuclear nonproliferation; production of radioactive and stable isotopes that are in short supply; and advancing capabilities for identifying nuclear contraband via detection of gamma rays.

Universities, national laboratories, non-profit orgabisations and private sector companies are eligible to apply. Funding is to be awarded competitively based on peer review and is expected to be in the form of grants of up to $1m a year.

Details are on the DOE’s funding opportunities page.

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