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US Research / DOE Awards $15M Funding For Development Of Advanced Reactor Technology

By Kamen Kraev
12 September 2019

 DOE Awards $15M Funding For Development Of Advanced Reactor Technology
US energy secretary Rick Perry says the Trump administration is committed to reviving the US nuclear industry.
The US Department of Energy is to award $15m in funding for three advanced nuclear technology projects in three states, a statement said.

The statement said the projects will allow for industry-led teams, including participants from federal agencies, public and private laboratories, higher education institutions, to “advance the state of US commercial nuclear capability”.

The DOE said this is the sixth round from a federal funding programme which has totalled $195m since it was launched in April 2018.

“Several US companies are working on technologies to make the next generation of nuclear reactors highly competitive, and private-public partnerships will be key to successfully developing innovative domestic nuclear technologies,” said energy secretary Rick Perry.

“The Trump Administration is committed to reviving and revitalizing the US nuclear industry”, he said.

According to the DOE, projects to be funded by the programme must fall into one of three categories: first-of-a-kind nuclear demonstration readiness projects, advanced reactor development projects, or regulatory assistance projects.

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