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Russian Record / Nuclear Fleet Exceeds 2019 Generation Target By 3%

By David Dalton
2 January 2020

Nuclear Fleet Exceeds 2019 Generation Target By 3%
Russia’s nuclear fleet set a record for electricity generation in 2019 of over 208 TWh (gross) of electricity, state-owned operator Rosenergoatom said.

This exceeded the last record of 204 TWh (gross) set in 2018 and was 3% higher than the target for the year, the company said.

The Rostov nuclear station contributed the largest proportion of total generation with 33 TWh (gross), followed by Kalinin (31 TWh gross) and Balakovo (30 TWh gross). All three stations have four units each.

According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Russia has 37 commercial nuclear units in operation and five under construction. The country’s gross nuclear share of electrical generation in 2018 was 17.9%, according to the agency.

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