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China / Pandemic Will Have No Impact On Nuclear Plans, Says Official

By David Dalton
15 April 2020

Work is continuing on construction of 10 new units
Pandemic Will Have No Impact On Nuclear Plans, Says Official
The coronavirus outbreak will have no impact on the progress of nuclear power plant construction in China in the short term, and reactors already in operation have not been affected, a nuclear safety official said on Wednesday.

Work has resumed on all commercial reactor units under construction and no plants now in operation were suspended during the outbreak, Tang Bo, director of the nuclear safety inspection department at the Ministry of Ecology and Environment, told reporters.

China has 10 units under construction, more than any other country, with capacity likely to increase by 9% in the coming years.

Gross available nuclear generation capacity is 48.7 GW, an increase of about 18% since 2017.

The International Atomic Energy Agency estimates that China will have 53 GW gross available nuclear generation capacity within the next few years, an increase of almost 9%.

Reuters reported that China originally aimed to bring total nuclear capacity up to 58 GW by the end of this year, and have another 30 GW under construction, but “it is not expected to meet the targets due to prior project delays and a halt in new approvals”.

China was initially expected to approve at least six new nuclear projects this year.

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