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Industry Statement / Political Leaders Must Confirm Role Of Nuclear In Net-Zero Plans

By David Dalton
1 December 2021

Associations also call for EU to include energy source in taxonomy
Political Leaders Must Confirm Role Of Nuclear In Net-Zero Plans
Political leaders worldwide should confirm the role of nuclear power, alongside other clean energies, in their efforts to reach carbon neutrality, 12 industry associations have said.

The associations* said in a statement released at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris, France, that long-term political commitment is required to accelerate and intensify the actions and investments needed to secure the contribution of nuclear energy to a low-carbon world.

“Access to affordable finance is needed, including through green finance schemes,” the statement said. “Europe should help pave the way to this low-carbon society by including nuclear into the EU taxonomy.”

The taxonomy is a package of regulations that governs investment in activities that the EU says are environmentally friendly. Brussels hopes the rules will steer private capital into climate-friendly projects.

There is a big debate within the 27-member bloc about whether nuclear should be considered a clean source of energy and included in the taxonomy.

The European commission decided not to include nuclear energy, but said it would include it under a complementary delegated act. The act would define the technical screening criteria for determining the conditions under which nuclear could qualify as contributing to sustainability and climate change mitigation.

The commission’s decision on nuclear has been delayed by months and faced heavy lobbying from EU governments, who disagree on whether the fuel deserve a sustainable label.

The 12 associations called on governments everywhere to accelerate action towards combatting climate change by recognising and deploying the full potential of nuclear energy in the worldwide energy transition.

* The statement was signed by the Canadian Nuclear Association; Electric Power Research Institute (US); FinNuclear (Finland); Foro Nuclear (Spain); GIFEN (France), Japan Atomic Industrial Forum; Korea Atomic Industrial Forum; Nuclear Energy Institute (US); Nuclear Industry Association (UK), Nuclear Industry Council (US), Romatom (Romania); World Nuclear Association (UK).

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